Friday, February 25, 2011

Joe Sketch

Joe___pencil sketch on paper___rough fora painting, soon
Pretty soon, I will do a painting of our left-handed pitcher, Joe. My son has played on a team with Joe since Little League, and they are good friends. The painting I will do is for Joe's mom, who bid the highest on an original work of art which I donated for a baseball fundraiser. The highest bid will get a special work of art of their ballplayer, which I will paint especially for them! Joe's mom won, so I took my sketchbook to the game today to practice on Joe. Lucky for me, he pitched well and stayed in the game the whole time!
We are the Round Rock High School Dragon Varsity...with a LONG and successful tradition of baseball in Texas! Many of our former players are in the pros right now!
My son, Samuel, a "righty" will pitch tomorrow....prayers, please!

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