Friday, February 18, 2011

""Mighty Quin"____watercolor and pencil on acid free board___Lloyd Collection

Not a great picture, but look at this carefully and you will see my friend Quin Lloyd in action (a few years ago!) His wife, my greatest friend, Pam, commissioned this watercolor and pencil artwork, a montage of his athletic passions...I was not as "experienced" an artist back then, and would love to make compositional "fixes" but will have to just make BETTER ones next time! If you know a "hero" (husband, wife, CHILD...) and can send me lots of pictures, I would love to paint something like this for YOU! Please e-mail me if you want more info

I am in Charleston RIGHT NOW for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. GREAT weather and crowds and wonderful southern hospitality! (It's REAL, y'all!). I get to do a couple of demos today, so I will be posting new works tomorrow!

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Douglas Clark said...

I've been missing your posts. Let me know how the show goes. Wishing you all the best.