Sunday, February 27, 2011

SV vs SV

SV vs SV___from my sketchbook
This weekend was a big baseball tournament hosted by our Round Rock Dragons.
We played 5 great games, and only lost one. We played some of the best teams in the state.

I sketched my son, Sam (SV) while he pitched against a school called Smithson Valley (also SV) thus, the catchy title...While sketching, I also kept his BASIC pitching stats, right there on the sketch! I ACCIDENTLY did this last year, and liked the result, so here it is again. He would NOT like me showing this on my blog, so please don't tell him! If you can read a baseball scorecard, it is OBVIOUS that he had 6 good innings. A NO HITTER in those six innings, but that dang third inning, was a team effort of miscues, including his! He finished strong, and that was good for his first full game of the year! (spoken like a mom, right?)
The sketch looks like him...he is very tall!


Douglas Clark said...

Very cool. My nephews start baseball this week, a true sign that spring is really (hopefully) here. Isn't it great watching kids, even the bigs ones, play ball?

Alexandra V said...

Ms. V,
I've been reading your blog ever since WAA two summers ago, and also since Mrs. Smiths painting workshop this summer :), so I have no idea why i decided to comment today rather than another day...haha. Anyway, I love looking at your paintings and especially the sketches, since I do more with pencils than paintbrushes.
Hey, I live about 10-15 min from SV High school (on the other side of 281)!!! If you ever come down to my neck of the woods for a game or something, let me know! I'd love to see ya again :).

Alexandra V.