Friday, February 11, 2011

Lorraine Sketch

Lorraine Sketch from the Rockport Workshop____5 minute sketch with oil on linen
Monday and Tuesday I taught a workshop in Rockport, TX. Our focus was capturing impressions QUICKLY. I worked in color in the morning demo, then gave some instruction on "seeing" to sketch is a favorite topic of mine. Maybe because as a young artist, I am sure I was the slowest artist in the world: very deliberate and obsessed with PERFECTION.
Yes, I was perfect ... :) ....NOT!
But my detailed drawings were pretty dang close to the photo I copied line for line, value for value...and the eraser was my friend!
I am very glad I spent so much time being technically accurate. It trained my eye! A very young artist NEEDS THIS, because they have very little experience in ANYTHING. This is why they are generally impatient with verbal instruction in large doses. They prefer to DO IT, rather than analyze it! I reassure my adult students that they HAVE experience, even if they are new to art! Experience like GEOMETRY, science and physics...these go a LONG way in helping define certain art principles!
My group this week learned a few things in our sketch sessions. I hope they are PRACTICING! :)

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Douglas Clark said...

Will you finish this or leave it as is? The composition and drawing are both very strong.