Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Field Day-Nebraska4

Field Day-Nebraska___6x8 oil on linen panel__for the October Exhibit Passing America:The Great Plains
As I painted this one while passing buy, it seemed as if this might be the first day the farmers took the tractors out to work! There were three in this field, going different directions and kicking up dirt....Spring is arrived!


Susan Roux said...

Great composition and texture.

Gary L. Everest Paintings said...

Ms Vaughan,
It is astounds me how you achieve such a feeling of space, distance and atmosphere on such a small format.
Amazing...simply amazing.

Imran said...

he seems to be very well connected to his subject matter, not only on a visual level, but an emotional one, as well. I never would have guessed the stages his paintings passed through to get to the final product…