Thursday, April 07, 2011

Spring Blush-Nebraska

Spring Blush-Nebraska___6x8 oil on linen panel___for October exhibit, but available The old stalks from last year's crop were falling down in the rows of this field. They make interesting textures for artists and provide food for the migrating birds. The fields were still filled with sandhill cranes, which graze all day and then spend the night on one leg in the cold waters of the Platte River. Spring is in full "verge" in this central part of Nebraska. Each farm seems to have at least one field that is brilliant green with new grass, while all the perimeter trees are blushing with sap, but no leaves, yet. Looking like Texas did about six weeks ago!


Imran said...

Stumbled on your Blog, Fascinating stuff! your writing has a good flow and you can feel the passion in your prose.I added this to my favorites.

Texy said...

oooo - it is so nice and it reminds me of Nebraska