Saturday, April 16, 2011

Next Morning-Enid

Next Morning-Enid___8x10 oil___available for Passing America: the Great Plains

We left Enid at sunrise the next morning and I caught this glimpse down the street near our hotel....painted it mostly from Impression...Barbara kept noticing the red bud trees in bloom, so I made sure to include a few in this scene.

I got some interesting comments from the blog, the Group-mail and facebook about yesterday's post on Enid. I was told that it was called a gathering place of "bad luck"....from before the civil war and the Trail of Tears to the dust bowl, Bonnie and Clyde, to train wrecks and tornadoes and locusts and wildfires on the prairie to A.D Greer and to being the "Bastard gateway" between 5 desserts,Texas,Oklahoma,Colorado,New Mexico and Kansas......that's a pretty lowly title to have.....and yet they have an orchid club there.! A good friend LOVED Enid, despite these things because her mom was born and raised there! ANYTHING having to do with "mom" HAS to be good!...and I have learned that there is something beautiful in EVERY place!

I chose this route through Enid, because it is along the Meridian Highway, US 81...more on that, later!


Marla said...

That is fabulously gorgeous - how well you've captured the wet street! And I love the little points of electric light. Really lovely. I don't see a size, is it a small works?

V....Vaughan said...

THANKS, Marla! YES, it is small-ish...8x10...I put the size there under its title...not sure if you will get this reply...I HOPE SO!

Anonymous said...

Sweet and beautiful! I chose this as my favorite daily painting today! Come on by Thanks! Rosa

Regina Calton Burchett said...

Amazing how much detail and impact you can put into a "small-ish" piece - lovely!