Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kansas Snowmelt

Kansas Snowmelt___6x8 oil on linen panel__a "drive by" painting for ___ Passing America: The Great Plains

The exhibit I mention will run from October through December, 2011. I have been criss-crossing the Great Plains since 2009, observing and painting what I see on the smaller farms. This most recent trip was for the purpose of seeing SPRING emerge.

Starting out in Central Texas, where I live, there has been PLENTY of green for over a month, now. On the plains farther north, winter hangs on a little bit longer, and I wanted to see it. I was especially eager for the return trip, when I would travel from "winter color" to "spring color"... The painting above was painted right about where the "green line" was...Everything north of this spot in Northern Kansas was still dormant with winter color, and there were plenty of marshy areas where I had seen snow last month. Everything south was tinted with spring greens...more amd more green as we got closer to Texas....tomorrow I will post the green extreme!

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Joanne Hanson said...

A nice one V! I am glad the snow is melting somewhere....I am in AZ right now and there is even snow here!