Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chocolatier 2

Chocolatier 2__another sketch of Brad
Brad runs Joel's Coffee and Chocolates, where my next "workshop" will be. We will work weekly and the focus is on SKETCHING...and Brad's gourmet chocolate! This is an easy-going gathering for a few weeks in September. We will meet at 6:30 to 8:30 starting September 6. See details below and click the "V" to sign up. Beginners are welcome. 
...and chocolate is in the news, today!!!

Here are some locations for a few of my workshops. email me if you want more info on any of these...
And here is a link to a SPECIAL ONE.
I can't wait to see the water go down the drain BACKWARDS there!
September 6, 12, 20, 27__Austin___ "Chocolates and Chiaroscuro" contact V...,. 
Sept. 15, 2012___Salado TX, Contact Belinda Walker
Oct. 28-30__Texas__at Fredericksburg Artists School
2013___New York City, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania...
2014___February 23-March 1___New Zealand

**BE SURE to tell me if you sign up! I like to send things to my students to get them ready, keep them "seeing", and thinking, and talking about it!

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Kathleen said...

Ahhhh! Sketching and chocolate - what a great combination! Have fun!