Friday, February 01, 2013

27 - Pelican Place

Pelican Place__8x6 oil on linen panel__for SEWE
#27 in the Birdseed Project: More Than Many Sparrows
I dedicate this one to my Father-in-law, RV.
He lovingly pointed out to me that even though these little bird works have been created to benefit a birdseed fund for a nursing home, MOST of the birds I have painted lately do not eat seed! I told RV that I would like this project to inspire volunteers to ALSO feed birds at other nursing homes. NOW I also hope that JUST MAYBE some smart person might create a bird feeder that dispenses little fish instead of seed!
That would be PERFECT!
Tonight is the opening of "Twilight" at Act I Gallery in Taos, NM
I wish I could be there and enjoy the great gallery artists and patrons. Below is "my wall" there for this show! Please go by and see the show if you are will be up for a while!
Read about it in Southwest Art Magazine...and see some of my paintings here

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Susan Roux said...

I love the texture on your pelican!

Your wall looks wonderful! Your centerpiece is a great draw. It pulls you right in. Congrats and good luck with the show.