Thursday, February 21, 2013

35 - Great in White

Great in __10 x 10 watercolor pencil__framed $450
#35 in the Birdseed Project
I am home after a week in South Carolina, Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, and a few days at ACE Basin....Saw no Whooping Cranes this year, but plenty of these great white egret. They are so big and elegant and in HUGE numbers at ACE Basin.
I spent most of my time there shooting pictures and trying out a new camera set-up...We saw  these egrets, some little snowy egrets, blue herons, tricolors, little blue herons. Also my favorite, the Kingfisher, bald eagles, otters, a few alligators and the endangered American Wood Stork...I can't wait to paint these for the birdseed project!


Rochelle Cathey said...

These herons and cranes are so have done a lovely job...and color pencil is such a pretty medium...I love the vignette style of this adds even more focus on this captivating must of had a lovely time in S.C. (Happy Painting!)

Patrice said...

Just beautiful!