Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wine Labels

If You Can Make A Gull Laugh...
5.5 x 4 oil on canvas for
"99 Bottles of Wine on the Wall", a SEWE event
I am posting two small works today....Fun little paintings that come with a BONUS!!! Buy these and get a great bottle of wine!!! Actually, a number of artists at the Southeastern Wildlife Exhibition have been asked to create a small canvas that is being attached to their signature bottles of wine...I do not know what kind of wine...I think there are several kinds and one is a Merlot. But over the weekend, these will be on display and will be sold to attendees for $100 if they purchase a random selection, or $200 if they want to CHOOSE which one! If you are interested in choosing either of mine, LET ME KNOW ASAP, and I will connect you with the right person to make a purchase! This is to benefit the show and their good works in South Carolina...Bottles will be on display through Sunday.
Feel free to call my cell if you want to purchase....first one to call WINS!
The title of the one above is from a quote by Marilyn Monroe...with my added "bird" reference :)

Wine at the Moon
5.5 x 4 wine label for SEWE

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Sherry Schmidt said...

Both wonderful! Love the bird's dark head!