Friday, February 08, 2013

30- A Good Laugh

A Good Laugh
#30 in the Birdseed Project
 It feels great to have shipped all my artwork off to Charleston for next weekend's Southeastern Wildlife Exposition.
I extremely do not like framing, packing, cataloging, and shipping artwork...I only like DOING artwork. But, yesterday I had to ship 241 pounds of paintings...not fun.
I titled the one above A Good Laugh, because I NEED a good laugh, and this breed of seagull is called a "laughing gull"...PLEASE tell all your friends near Charleston to COME MEET ME at the art show! If they (or you!) buy a little bird work from me, I will apply over 10% to the Birdseed Project
...and I will tell how to make a tax deductible donation!
Have a great laugh this weekend! See you at SEWE!

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