Monday, August 05, 2013

53 - Flamingo

Flamingo ___12 x 9 watercolor pencil
#53 in The Birdseed Project
Click the blog image, to see some detail on this, and how the watercolor pencils work...I enjoy the drawing aspect...just LOVE scribbling...then finishing it off with the unpredictability of WATER!...add to that, the component of doing this "live" for my mom, while she sits by...watching quietly....
It brought back many memories... painting with mom watching. Almost ALL of my art memories as a child include mom there.
I was the youngest of seven kids, so there was never a "secluded" place to be doing my art. I often sat at the kitchen counter, with family coming and going...ALWAYS taking a chance that something would spill on my masterpiece...sometimes it was mom's coffee!
Mom chose this flamingo from a stack of my photos that I brought to the nursing reminds her of her long legged daughter, and reminds ME of MY longER legged daughter!So, we sat on the hot patio, while other residents smoked nearby. Mom prefers to sit alone with me in the gazebo, but the sun was beating down at an angle, and the roof of the gazebo provided no shade, so we sat on the smoking patio.
Mom was especially quiet and several times I stopped to ask if she was OK?...bored? assured me that she was LOVING to watch....just like mom...

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Treena Rowan said...

You are so fortunate to have that kind of mom. My mom used to tell me, "Quit wasting paper"...ha ha ha - but she loves my artwork now. Especially my beaded jewelry. One time, I brought some "samples" of my stuff with me when I visited her in upstate NY. She looked at them, then said, "I like this one the best." So of course I gave it to her, although my original intention was to just show the family my latest creations! She will be 92 on October 2nd, so I have girded my loins and booked a flight from Houston via DC to Binghamton. Second part of the journey will be on prop plane.