Sunday, August 04, 2013

Southfork Trailhead

 Southfork Trailhead__8x10 oil

Below is the graphite (water soluble) wash I did just before my friend Pat and I settled in to paint at this location a couple weeks ago...This southern Colorado river valley is the place where I will teach a
5 day workshop during the August full moon-time in 2014.
Click here to read a little tease about it, and to see some photos. I will have all the details in order, in a couple weeks, after I spend a little more time up there!

ONCE AGAIN, I want to apologize for the group hacking I endured this weekend....
I have adjusted every possible security measure with Google, and will have my tech man polish up details on Tuesday, just in case.
I feel pretty safe with my new 15 digit password!!!
NO WAY to hack that...I hope!

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Brian Monroe said...

Great picture! Love it. I live in Colorado it's a great depiction of the country!!