Friday, August 23, 2013

55 - Great Blue

Great Blue__7.5x11 watercolor pencil study
#55 in the Birdseed Project
I had a sweet visit with some family tonight and then ART making broke out!!!
Our cousin Kirsten and her beautiful family just moved to town and invited me over to see their new home! That makes the kids my first cousins once removed!
Few things are more fun than hanging out with 3 youngsters, loaded with colors and paper! WOOHOO!!!....We painted some trees, and bull dozers and then I had to try my hand at a bird! This one is #55 in my birdseed project!
I think I will OFFICIALLY DOT my little "cuzz-es". The younger two are now "I...." and "N"....Below, posing with the painting is
"lower case v...." !
Thanks "K" and "E"!!

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