Saturday, November 21, 2009

Causing a Stir__BBQ pit, Pots, pans, grilling

Causing a Stir___from my sketchbook__$90
Last summer in Arizona, I kept a sketch book along the way. I liked this guy as he tended the pots and pans on the grill. He was in his element and didn't notice me there. What is it with men and their grills? I think it's great, because grilling created the best smells and best food! I hope you enjoy something grilled this weekend!
Once again I will ask if thee is ANYONE out there getting a garbled e-mail from me? It seems that I have fixed my problem!...please check out my new blog, "Passing America..."

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Art with Liz said...

Great sketch V, and so true about men and their grills. Here in SA we use the Afrikaans word 'braai' for this activity which is practised everywhere - even at cricket matches!