Sunday, November 01, 2009

Geranium Day_geraniums, red flowers

"Geranium Day"___12 x 12 demo. Oil in linen panel___$ wet and available $ to the first who asks
At the end of a great workshop, yesterday, the light was low and fell perfectly on these geraniums at D.'s place, so I did a quick demo...the bottom image was what I ended the day with: a "nearly finished" 30 - 45 minute demo. The top image is how it looks after about another hour of tweaks. I put little containers under the "floating stems" on the left side...and added some juicy paint for the finish. The light caught me off guard, today...the sun sets an hour I photographed the finish in VERY warm sunset light...if you are interested in it, please et me send you a better image :)
state 1_Geranium Day...

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Scarlett Clay said...

I love this painting! It is amazing to me how you created it in such a short time. What a thrill it was to watch this painting come together yesterday! I learned so much watching you---thanks for the excellent instruction.