Saturday, November 28, 2009

Little Cardinal_cardinal, red bird

Little Cardinal__8 x 6 oil study on canvas panel__$150 if you are the first to ask!
Many cardinals have been hopping around between the trees in our back yard these days. They seem to show up better this time of year....I love the cardinal's song. It is very distinct and LOUD and clear! My Grandpa Pedro (a wonderful Italian man from the Old Country) rescued a little cardinal in his garden. Gigi lived in a cage in the house and would sing every morning...LOUD! When Grandpa would go outside, he would take Gigi's cage, open the door and let him fly away...Gigi always returned for the night. This went on for years and is my fondest memory of Grandpa Pedro.
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Art with Liz said...

Beautiful painting of a beautiful bird and such a nice heartwarming story!

Robin Cheers said...

What a wonderful story. I wish I could have the same results with the birdies I've rescued! They can't wait to get away from me!

Randi said...

Virginia - that is a sweet story to go along with a sweet painting !!