Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bearing Gifts _ 20x16

Bearing Gifts__20x16 oil on linen__for Cowgirl Up! Wickenburg, AZ, March 26-28
A few months ago I posted the study for this one. It was a little 6 x 6 and sold so fast with so many great comments, that I decided to create a composition with the same theme. These are actually some of the wranglers that "wrangled" all us "cowgirls" when we went on a trail ride last year in Wickenburg at the Cowgirl Up! festivities. Please click the image to see it larger.
I just shipped out my last piece of art for this wonderful show...My favorite thing is that I am "unveiling " some spectacular new frames for this event. I have been working with a special craftsman for a few months, now, and he has created something that is UNIQUE just for my something that I really like...I hope the public will, too.
When I remember to shoot the frames on my art, I will post it to show on the blog... Tell me what you think of this one, above!


Terry Miller said...

Hey V - This is a stunning work! Best luck at the show.

Linda said...

Just beautiful!! Good luck at the show!

Looking forward to seeing your new frames.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Wow, V. This is wonderful. I hope the show is successful!

Victor Errington said...

It`s a cracker V. Well done. All the best.