Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Cowgirl Gold

Cowgirl Gold___16x20 oil on linen___for Cowgirl Up! ...Wickenburg, AZ, March 26-28, 2010
I had a nice visit with the Austin Palette Club this morning, and began this painting as a demo for the group. Since I had painted a plein air study several months ago, it all felt very "familiar" and I think the demo came out well....note to artists: when doing a demo, be sure that you are comfortable and familiar with the "subject", and be sure that the group is NICE...makes the demo easier ...The Austin Palette Club is a VERY NICE and HAPPY group of artists! We had a great time together, but it went so FAST!!!
The title of this is really "Nestled in Gold", but as I typed it in, I saw that I had already used that for another painting. OOPS! Cowgirl Up! asked for our titles months ago, and I turned in "Nestled..." without thinking. This is the painting that they are using for the show catalog, and it is a painting from the plein air study I did last fall while visiting CO with a couple of friends.


Linda said...

The pinks are beautiful Nice, engaging composition. Another "wow" painting!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Makes me want to BE there!

Yes--always good to demo and paint with nice people. But most art people are nice, in my experience.