Monday, March 29, 2010

Desi, Jazz and Toby

Desi, Jazz and Toby____for Monica! My great Cowgirl Up! hostess!

OK, This was a quickie for Monica, the wonderful museum volunteer who put us
up in her lovely guest quarters at Cowgirl Up!. She was showing me the
photos one night and didn't notice that I sneaked them into my shirt so that
I could sketch them when she was not around...It took me a few days of
catching a minute here and a minute there, but I finally finished this
little sketch of her "family".

I like staying with Monica, because EVERYONE in town knows her and loves
her....then they think I must be nice if I am staying with her! hahaha

Don't forget I am teaching a workshop in Fredericksburg on June 14 - 17 and
we will focus on DRAWING. email me if you need more info

And get out to Marble Falls any Thursday thru Sunday till April 18 to see
selections from my Last Year on the Farm
paintings. If you have a group that wants a special personal viewing with
me, e-mail me and we can work it out!

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