Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cowgirl Up! Quick Draw, state 1

Cowgirl Up! Quick-Draw__State 1_______done and gone!
Many art shows have a "Quick-Draw". The artists create a painting or a small sculpture in one hour, then frame it and auction it to the crowd which watched the whole thing happen. It's a fun time and raises money for the museum...I usually have a quick draw painting in my head and work it from memory or a sketch. (Remember my big red poppy quick draws?) The Cowgirl Up! folks offered "models" if we wanted them, so I tried something different this time and ordered a mule!...One reason why I like painting the quick draws from memory is that I get to make it up as I go and I am not trying to make it look like the photo if I had one...So, when I got my mule, I ended up likeing the mule's owner as a subject to paint...then I thought it would be cool to do BOTH..only had an hour, and this canvas was 12 x 12...probably way too ambitious, but fun...This is "state 1", just about 3/4 of the way done. My friend Marla took the photo, and it's all I have to show for it! Still pretty rough at this stage, I actually left it fairly rough. The cowboy's name was Merlon, I think, and he had a cigar in his hand which I included in the painting...his wife bought the framed painting in the auction :)


Marie Theron said...

That sounds like fun, and I am sure a great crowd arrived for the event. Both your mule and its owner has a lot of character!

Linda said...

One hour?!! I am impressed! It does sound like fun, although I am still at the stage where that would really make me nervous! I like this composition and I agree with Marie that both the mule and its owner have a lot of character. Great subject!