Saturday, December 29, 2012

#13 - Little Blue Dove

Little Blue Dove_#13 for Birdseed Project__8x8 watercolor pencil__$250 includes shipping 
The Birdseed Project ... "A Wing and a Prayer"
For several years I have been feeding the birds at my mom's nursing home. She and my dad always fed birds at home, so I have tried to keep the tradition. Her room and "family room" windows have a view of a small yard which can be enjoyed by residents and guests, so I have put out bird feeders, and a bird bath.
Recently, other residents have told me that they love the birds! They ask me to sprinkle seed here and there so they can see the birds better. 
To afford more seed for the hungry birds and these precious older people, I decided to do a short-term project. I have photographed birds all over America, and now I am painting some small bird studies.10-20% of the sales price is "seed money". I hope these small art works will fund the filling of the feeders a little bit at a time.
If it catches on, perhaps I can link with a bona fide charity, and donations can be made, but for now, I will post an occasional bird painting that I hope you will like. Tell your bird-loving friends!...if you would like more info or price and cost numbers, please e-mail me
To see all the paintings, click on my blog, and type in a search for "bird seed".

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