Sunday, March 04, 2007

Emerging Green

"Emerging Green"______________6 x 8
As I sized and filed this in my computer, I noticed that the upcoming week is the "anniversary" of when I started painting the farm daily year ago I put together over a week of daily paintings of the farm and decided that I would paint our "Last Year on the Farm". Since then I have painted it over 200 times and started posting them on this blog in October. You can see many as you hunt back through the archives. I will fill in the mising days in the upcoming well as painting another series of 24 in 24 hours "Spring Day Last Year on the Farm " will be in late March/early April....
Soon I will be offering them for sale....many friends have already asked me to put their name on the back and to let htem know when it becomes available....I will be showing as many as I can in the upcoming "Last Months" on the farm, so stay tuned!

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