Tuesday, March 13, 2007

“Last Year on the Farm – March 13, 2007 ” © V….Vaughan

The sun literally peeked through while on the way up….for about 30 seconds. When it did, this fog ABSOLUTELY swamped me, even though I stand about 15 feet up on my studio deck. It was incredible!! Hey Pat H.!!! Do you remember the time we painted on the Conejos and the same thing happened? When the sunlight hits a little bit of fog, it becomes a LOT of fog!

I am teaching a one day Saturday Workshop in Rockport, TX this Sat. Let’s caravan on Friday if you are going from Austin! Drop me a line

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Robin Cheers said...

V.... this is gorgeous. I can almost feel the cool moisture on my skin and feel the promise of a sunny day yet to come.Robin