Monday, March 19, 2007

A Bernese Mountain Dog is Lost

"A Bernese Mountain Dog"
I received this note last night...
I have a favor to ask of you-and I ask it because I know you love dogs. Our son and daugher in law are both attorneys in Houston. They purchased some acreage and a house near Brenham, TEXAS-close to Carmine. They own two beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs-they look like very "buff" tall St Bernards-about 100 pounds each. To make a long story short, Friday the dogs got lost at their property. They finally found one of them but "Horton" aka "Hootie" is still lost. They had a helicopter two days looking for the dog and have not found him. Is there any chance you can send out another email, asking that if someone finds Hootie that they call. The description would be black and white with some rust/brown markings and white at the tip of the long black tail. There is a very good reward. The numbers to call would be 713-822-0708 or 713-516-3593 or 817-253-1782 or 817-999-6543 or 713-524-4990. If no answer leave a message and number. I would so appreciate this. The dogs were the my only "grand" babies until our 1st grandson was born 17 months ago.
If you can not do this, I would understand but I had to try.


Rhonda Hurwitz said...

love this sketch, nice and loose. I hope the dog is found

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You do beautiful dog sketches. Did they ever find the dog?