Friday, March 30, 2007


"Whisper" 6x8 oil Collection of Robin Cheers as soon as she comes to get it
My friend Robin and her daughter Anna were my roommates during my Rockport Workshop a couple Saturdays ago. Robin is a FINE painter (click the link to see her Painter's Journal)...She is also a fine friend, agreeing to be our workshop models for the day. She and Anna just visited with each other and let us photograph them. Robin knows the challenges of painting live models, so she was kind enough to move in slow mothion for us!!!
This little sketch is just a start! I can't wait to drag them down for another modeling session. I will announce it here when that will happen...probably in mid May or June. Please make plans to join the workshop!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Wow...I love this! I think placing figures in paintings adds so much to the piece! Beautiful!