Sunday, April 01, 2007

Famous John - Marble Falls

"Famous John - Marble Falls" 12 x 16 oil $600
At the Bluebonnet Blues Arts Festival this weekend I painted with nearly 40 artists in a little competition where we scattered and painted the town. On Main Street in Marble Falls, Texas there's a courtyard with this big Old Oak. This gentleman seemed to enjoy all the music as he sat here, so I pulled out a canvas to paint one more quickie at 20 minutes till deadline to turn in art...this is the fastest I have ever painted one this size!...when his friends saw me painting him, they came and gave me his name...I made him "Famous" :)
There is amazing food...crawfish, BBQ...and the art is all hanging at the gallery across from Patton's....I painted Patton's at dusk on Friday, with thunderstorms in the area(it won Honorable Mention)...I also painted Cecil's cafe, which took first place! The festival lasts through today, and if you can GET THERE! It costs $15 to get in, but just the MUSIC is worth it....please go by and see the art!!!


bj said...

What a wonderful character study! I've wanted to include people in some of my plein air work. I think you may have just inspired me to actually do it. Thanks !

Lorin Friesen said...

It is great to see so many daily artists in action!

Nice meeting Virginia.