Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ALMOST 24 Hours

"Last Year, Spring - Almost 24 Hours" 6 x 8 oil
Last week I started my spring series...24 paintings in 24 hours "Spring Day Last Year on the Farm"....I got about 4 paintings into it and after this one decided to quit...I had picked the wrong type of day, I guess...The early forecast had called for weather that SHOULD have given me interesting skies to paint, along with the BRILLIANT spring greens we get here on the farm...Part of the interest predicted was an approaching line of famous Texas Spring thunderstorms...I was disappointed when the storms fizzled and we only got "flat light" and soupy skies that never changed...The storms passed in the distance and this was the only interesting painting I did...duds happen!
Tomorrow I will try for 24 in 24 again...depending on the weather, and if I get on a roll!!! Stay tuned!!

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I am in a deep bow to anyone who can do 24 in 24.
::::Hat sweeping off::::::::

I New England the Fall skies at sunset can often be higher banks of blue black clouds with the horizon showing a yellow sky above the dark trees. It never fails to capture me and I always wonder if everyone else is noticing the drama!