Friday, April 20, 2007

Sunrise after 24

"Last Year on the Farm - 04-16-2007"
There are no two sunrises that are alike. First, the sun moves across the horizon as seasons change, coming up in a (slightly) different place each day. Sometimes I line up a few sunrise paintings from this "Last Year..." series and marvel at the location of the sun! I can look at a farm sunrise painting and tell you what month it was painted in, just by that!
On april 16, there were patches of fog on the tanks (ponds) soon as the sun broke the horizon, the fog lifted a little and caught the reflection... I could "copy" God's sunrises every day and never paint two alike!
Here's your homework...this week go watch a sunrise and marvel at the REAL THING.

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Suzanne said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!!!