Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spring Storm Past

"Last Year on the Farm 04-25-2007" oil 6 x 8 for sale soon
Tomorrow is our last day to "own" our home and little part of this farm. We sign the papers on Thursday. ...Before you feel sorry, please know that we will be here many more months, living as we have and planning our next move! I will continue to paint!
This morning was God's gift...a beautiful sunrise and MORE! The day broke as a reminder and a PICTURE of hope! We had big storms last night...they were NOT as big as predicted! And after the storm, the promise of a new day was illustrated in the rising sun breaking through the threatening, passing stormclouds! And SPRING! the promise of new life! How could I be sorrowful (for long) knowing I am in the care of the ONE who created this new morning that I copied, here....pigment is no match for LIGHT!!!
"Last Year..." paintings will be offered for sale in a few months, when our last year is up. Watch here for a link to the story. If you see one you like, PLEASE CONTACT V....Vaughan to have first shot at it. A list is underway....


Nancy Holder said...

hi, Virginia,
I wanted to let you know how blessed I've been by your sharing your work with me. I study your colors and can reproduce them. I wish you would consider coming here to Temple and paint with me one day, I'm penniless at the moment so I'm unable to get out with your group as yet, one of my profesors would also join us. I aspire to be a full time artist and will graduate in May with my BFA. I want to get my MFA, but I'm so unsure of God's will at this point, I cant hear Him through the panic. me right now. (hat's such a hard way to go, but it's His lesson for me right now) He also told me to get rid of all my junk, and be ightfooted~hmmmmm, scary!

V....Vaughan said...

Thanks so much, Nancy...Please e-mail me!...I hope you get this