Friday, April 27, 2007

Spring Light_____6x8 oil_____V....Vaughan

"Spring Light"_______6 x 6 oil_____$200
The other day, I had a bunch of left-over greens and "mud" on my palette. I call these "palette droppings", and I like to scrape them wilth a palette knife and smear onto a panel till it resembles something!.. There is a new foal on the farm...I have spent a lot of time shooting pictures from my studio deck. What a happy foal, too...ALWAYS darting around and teasing "mom", who I painted here. I missed seeing the baby who was laying almost flat beneath the mare, and got up just as I finished...


Candy Barr said...

V..your "dropping" paintings like this one are all beauties. Spectacular.

I saved my waxed paper palettes until they were too gooped up, then I'd paint something into the center like a ship at sea etc. I use glass now.
And in Sante Fe at the Meyer Munson gallery, there's a painting 90 x 90 gridded out in 2" squares that the artist used his paint droppings one a day into a square in chronological order from top left - THICK random colors. It had a $45,000 price tag -so people snap up this affordable gem of V's!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Virginia, this is a marvelous idea. I'll have to try it.