Monday, April 02, 2007

Early at Cecil's

“Early at Cecil’s” 12 x 12 oil SOLD
Here is the one which was awarded first place at the Bluebonnet Blues Arts Festival in Marble Falls, TX yesterday. I barely got out of the car and was lugging my gear up the street to find a scenic spot to paint, but never got past this courtyard…the light was perfect…the models stayed only long enough to get a quick pencil sketch and a few color notes…more “models” took their place, so I borrowed their skin tone to finish this painting…..
About 40 artists painted for the competition, and three were awarded cash and medals specially designed by noted Texas sculptor Dan Pogue . (I am most honored to now own THREE of his sculptures!!)...The awards judge was Gordon Fowler, an artist whose work is amazing watch him paint is pure art...HE's SO FAST!!!
My favorite painting in the show was a small, loose oil painting of a pale blue Harley motorcycle...I couldn't take my eyes off it...I looked for it at the end of the day, and found out it ws Gordon's! It might have looked bad to award first to himself, but I wouldn't have blamed him :)


Daily Paintings said...

I can see why...beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors! The figures add life to your paintings. Looking forward to seeing more figures in your landscapes!