Saturday, April 28, 2007

Someone Else's Place

"Last Year on the Farm 04-28-2007"__________6 x 8 oil__________V....Vaughan
Today I painted somebody else's place...we signed the papers on Thursday...will not move for a while...a number of months....What a beautiful soft sunrise it was....This place, like ALL creation, belongs to the One who created it.."The earth is the Lord's , and all it's fullness..." This particular little spot of land has certainly helped to "fill me up" all these years!
"Last Year on the Farm" paintings will be offered for sale in a few months, when our last year is up. Watch here for a link to the story. If you see one you like, PLEASE CONTACT V....Vaughan to have first shot at it. A list is kids get first pick! ;)

1 comment:

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I just love your soft landscapes. Still, this subject makes me feel kind of sad.