Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fringe of the Day

"Fringe of the Day"_16 x 20 oil on canvas___available
Here is the last one I will post from my work in Silverthorne, Colorado. The rest of the paintings were "duds", and I either scraped them off or have some finish work to do on them...
I painted this one above the town, looking down on Dillon Lake and IH 70. The Highway came across just below this dam and we could see it snaking up for miles till it came to a tunnel! Those little lights on the bank at left are the Corinthian Hills....This was the first of 5 paintings I did that day!
THis photo is a little blurry, so if you ant to see a better image, let me know!


Liza Hirst said...

Beautiful! Especially the clouds!

Joanne said...

This was my favorite of the paintings you did that day. It is an awesome piece, and I can't believe you got up so early to do it! You truly are obsessed with painting :)

V....Vaughan said...

ha! THANK YOU Joanne! ...spoke like a true "late sleeper" hahaha...I am a "morning person" ....but unfortunately, I am also a "night person"....when I get older, I will nap!!!
I hope you get this reply, I had no other info on your e-mail address :)