Monday, August 18, 2008

Moonrise Parade_12x16

(Painting at top is available!)
" Moonrise Parade "___12 x 16 oil on fine linen panel_____nicely framed, $950 *
I painted five paintings on August 14, the day before the "Parade of No Homes" is #4. The moon rose above Silverthorne, CO and I painted with a new friend, Debbie. We were quiet most of the time (not like me at ALL!!) but the moonrise took both our breaths away!....After this one it was too dark to see, but I painted #5, anyway! This one is my favorite of the 7 paintings I did, but #5 was also one that folks really liked. I will post it tomorrow...
The other photos show the reason why I missed posting over the weekend...I drove from Silverthorne to the Conejos Canyon in storms that ranged from snow to hail....had my camera in my lap the whole way and got some great pics of some pretty violent weather! ...the last photo shows when I ran into hail...I just grabbed the camera and snapped. Later I realized that this was the truck and car that went off the road just in front of me!!!...see the tracks on the right (a semi trick) and the lights on the left (the car...).
*Please let me know if you are interested in the painting. I do credit cards and layaway...I know this is way more than the price of the art I usually post, but this is a "big" one and it's got a great frame on it and I will take it to a gallery soon , if no one wants it. I have so many blog/mail friends and I think that until I will give y'all first crack at my art...even the bigger studio paintings. This is the same price you would pay at any of the galleries that represent me. I do not like to undercut the nice folks that partner with me and work so hard at what they do....Hey, it seems like a lot compared to the $200 dollar paintings I usually post, but I am still on the LOW end of the price spectrum for good original art!


Roan Plateau Roundup said...

Nicely done, V. What weather we had during your visit. I'm glad you got to do some painting. Sorry we werent able to get together. Maybe next time, or whenever I get to Texas.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Nice moon rise painting. Lovely colors. I love a dramatic storm but wouldn't want to be caught in one. Great photos.