Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mountain Sparkle_Click to Bid

"Mountain Sparkle___8 x 10 oil on linen panel_____by V....Vaughan_ click to bid!!

Full moon rising above Colorado a few days ago. I painted this one "en plein (dark!) air...the sun had gone down while I painted the previous one (See yesterday's BLOG post). Though totally dark outside, I memorized where the colors were on my palette, so I was able to paint this one when the sky was so dramatic!...plus I did a few touch-ups in the light of the truck afterwards :)
If you win this, please ask me about the great frame I have for it!

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Cecelia said...

Lovely! I have to laugh about painting in the dark. There is probably some way that you could get light on your paint and your canvas, while you paint in the dark.
Did you see "Lust For Life" about Van Gogh? Remember he had candles all around his hat while he painted at night! I don't know about that, but some sort of flashlight or small light might work.
Of course, you are very familiar with your own paints, so you are able to come up with these wonderful paintings, no matter what the time of day!