Monday, January 05, 2009

Espanola Twilights

"Espanola Twilights"___6 x 8 oil on linen panel____$170 to the first to ask!
click the image to see the juicy details!
We left South Fork, CO yesterday at 3 am. It snowed hard til we got to Espanola, NM. I enjoyed looking out the car window, fascinated by the snow at night. As soon as it got a little bit light, I painted this from memory in the car. I think I will do a big one of these!

Twilight is a great time to paint. The word sort of means "between light", and it describes the time of day just before sunrise or just after sunset. I painted twilight a lot during my Last Year on the Farm. I was so fascinated by the PHYSICS of it all that I started a big study of color and light and the eye....It is ongoing and has become a big part of my workshops (I talk about it til I see the folks begin to yawn!) I think this knowledge helps me understand things I see and I can tell the difference in my painting, and my students' work....oh...speaking of students, I will be working late into the night tomorrow, with my high school kids who are working on a contest deadline...sigh


Alanda said...

Nice; I hope the project got done. I have schoolwork as well... Please keep up the good work. =)

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Lovely mood in this piece. Those warm lights of the house look so inviting. Nice work!