Sunday, June 13, 2010

Light on the Way

Light on the Way___12x12 oil on canvas____$550
I prepared this art for an exhibit at Hill Country Bible Church. The exhibit is called "Roads and Directions" and opens next weekend.
There are 4 exhibits a year here and each one is WONDERFUL and full of variety. Each piece of art comes with an "Artists Interpretation"...Here is my interpretation for this painting:
On a dark path, there is little temptation to stray off course,
or to proceed with the lights turned off!
The dark unknown has a way of keeping us close to the light.
There is a certain comfort in staying ONLY in the place illuminated by the headlights.
Though it is only a short distance, it is all we can see. Our walk with the Lord is much like the path at night. Yet we can FULLY trust that if it is His light shining on our path, we are going the right way.