Saturday, June 05, 2010

Waterfall and More Arizona

Waterfall on Rough Creek__10 x8 oil on linen____$250

I painted this one during my fall trip to Colorado. I am posting it now because I haven't painted in a couple of days. I found this one in my "unframed" box of works that I took to the art show in Prescott. I remember painting it on the Rough Creek trail. Close to the end, you can see the waterfall up the way...I HATED this work after I did it, and filed it away when I got home. THIS is a PERFECT example of something I teach: There are TWO paintings every time you pick up a is a noun one, a verb. The artist MUST not confuse the two!!! NOW, I LOVE this work, after being away from it a few months, I can see it with fresh eyes :)

For the past 2 days, I have been touring around Arizona with my daughter... We enjoyed Prescott, Jerome, Red Rock Crossing, Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Flagstaff, Tucson. Phoenix, the Saguaro National Forest, and Grand Canyon...The people of Arizona are terrific, and we felt TOTALLY SAFE there...
We hiked down into Grand Canyon and somewhere near the bottom my boot blew out! YIKES!!! I rigged something by taking apart one shoelace, and started back up the trail, asking eeryone I passed for duct tape...If it werent for a certain well, equipped hiker, I'd still be down there! I taped up the blow-out and saved some tape "just in case"...2 hours laer, we made it out, but I had to climb the trail "flat footed" to minimize stress on the boots...I am sore, now, but smarter!

Grand Canyon wear and tear...mydaughter wore the boots on top - one soul separated at the heel, the other at the toe. My boots are on bottom - see duct tape? And the other one lasted till I got to the top...BARELY!

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