Monday, June 21, 2010

Warm Summer Morning

Warm Summer Morning__18x18 oil on linen panel__$ 1620...unless you were in the art workshop!

Our second day started before sunrise. The quickly changing light of sunrise can scare a plein air painter, and it's only because things change so fast! I give a lot of instruction on capturing impressions is a big theme of my workshop, and I have lots of tips to help. This is the western view from the art school! If you stay in one of the log cabins there, here is what you wake up to...big Texas landscapes and skies!
As I think about it, now, this was one of my more successful workshops, as far as the student's improvement goes! I know this because no one complained! Everyone turned out at least a COUPLE of great starts...I hope they are feeling as great about the workshop as I am! ...This painting above was not quite done after the morning "start", so I hope to hear from a few from the group...what do y'all think? I hope y'all are working from your "starts" this week, like I am!
I heard from Bill Bush today. He runs the Fredericksburg Artists School, and we talked about next year's date. Here is the date for 2011: June 13 - 15...I will have details as soon as we are POSITIVELY sure, but mark your calendars and join us! Sign up early, because I will keep the class small...


Anonymous said...

Hey V...!
Very nice. As soon as I saw the painting I thought - she finished it!
I'll mark down the dates for next year and hope I can make it.

Linda Popple said...

Absolutely beautiful!

V....Vaughan said...

HI Leigh! I am glad you signed your note, because the blogger said "anonymous" you remember the unfinished version? There was enough color info on it to finish the few strokes needed at the bottom...I will try to post the OTHER big one (from the Bushes place) tomorrow...stay tuned!

Johanne Morin said...

Nice indeed! You sure made it look easy to paint sunrises and sunsets.

I really enjoyed my workshop and I'll try to put to practice what I've learned. Thanks Virginia!

Sally said...

Thanks for posting these images and info. I could not take your class (even though I wanted to) and have enjoyed looking at your paintings at Whistle Pik.