Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pioneer Mule-Workshop Sketch

Mule Workshop Sketch____oil on linen panel
Most of the artists in the workshop set up to sketch this mule, and did well with it! He was right at the entrance of the place, so we set up fast and began to sketch before she moved...Well, she never really moved for a long time, but was content to eat from the pile of hay before's nice when the "model" cooperates!...I have had a LOT of mail about this past workshop...a LOT of great questions, and the main one is "what are your limited palette colors??"...if I were a good business woman I would say "COME NEXT YEAR AND FIND OUT!", haha! But here are my colors: Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson,Cadmium Yellow light, and titanium white. ALL colors can be mixed with these, and there are so many subtle things you can do to get the full range of color from these few!...mix them all (except white) together and you get brown, like the mule above...

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A Painter's Journal said...

Hey V -
I have another question on your limited palette. Do you change those colors or recommend any different for different locations? Like the beach? How can I get that gorgeous blue water with out cerulean??