Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pecos Sketch

Pecos Sketch___8x6 oil study on canvas___$190 (unless you were in the class...wink)
Pat was working from my photo taken on the Pecos River near Del Rio, a few years ago. This photo was pretty and dramatic. Since Pat was taking his break inthe studio with me while the others went to town, I showed him a little preview of the upcoming lesson on "pre-mixing" to paint...This color sketch began as about 7 simple shapes of color!....then the shapes are subdivided with as much detail as you want!...SInce this is a small canvas, I did not divide to TOO much detail :)
I will teach at the same place next year and cover some of the same material...but always in new ways! It looks like early June will be my time again! Just in time for peaches and produce! Mark it on your calendar to come if you can!

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Stephanie Berry said...

Back in the 70's--a long, long time ago, we went to this spot. It was my only trip to TX. We stayed in Del Rio. Rugged landscape. I love this!