Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pig Giggles

Pig Giggles___a sketch in oil on linen panel___
My workshop class spent another morning at the Living History Museum at the LBJ State Park in Fredericksburg. We did MANY 20-30 minute sketches of the farm animals and buildings. Rather difficult since the animals were moving around a lot today. Yesterday we used our pencils and sketchbooks...today we sketched with brushes and canvas...This might be the first picg I have sketched/painted from life...he was trying to climb into the feed trough, to hog the food. (pun intended :)...below is a shot of most of the group. Just as I shot this, they started laughing because the pigs were making some unusual pig sounds...
Tomorrow we meet early for the sunrise....yawn!


Linda Popple said...

How funny! Even reading this and seeing your sketch made me laugh. Must have been hilarious to have been there. Great way to begin my day! :-)

Mitzi Easley said...

I love your pig... you rendered him acurately and in modest colors and yet, he's funny. Great gesture drawing!