Monday, July 11, 2011

British White

British White__6x6 oil on panel___$290 framed for Passing America: The Great Plains

I was introduced to this beautiful breed of cattle the last time I traveled through Nebraska on my Passing America journeys. I spent an afternoon on the Bohaty farm, where they raise grass-fed British Whites. This proved to be a VERY IMPORTANT visit, as I saw how a family is adjusting to the current farming climate, and is doing something GOOD and NEW! As I move forward soon to update my project blog I will share MUCH more about this farm!

I Love my blogging/ facebooking/ e-mailing friends, and I really know how to pick them! I only pick SMART ones, who also are clever and BEAUTIFUL! (right, y'all???)
A number of you wrote after yesterday's post and said you were giving me your "two cents' worth" I now have TEN CENTS and the proper name for the breed of cattle I posted is a Black Baldy...and you will see that I corrected the title on yesterday's post!

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