Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where Morning Gathers

Where Morning Gathers_____36 x 48 oil on linen______for Passing America: The Great Plains

This is my largest painting (so far?) for
Passing America: The Great Plains
It is a large version of a September sunrise study at our old farm, which was at the southern edge of the plains in central Texas....The bigness of our sky, and this being such a large painting, reminded me of great inspirations along the way on my journeys. Hear the song that has done the most to inspire my project...especially as I travel the plains...the song is not about farming, it is all about the nature of the Great Plains, and its Creator.....Click the link to hear it and to see the lyrics. Many of my paintings have titles from these lyrics .


Susan Hediger-Matteson said...

This is lovely. I was just watching the sun set yesterday, watching the colors and you absolutely captured that same feel here. The colors are perfect!

Denna Kadavy said...

Love the colors.

Dijana said...

Just beautiful!

Kathleen said...

Absolutely stunning!