Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Hawk Above Mocking

Hawk Above Mocking___9x12 oil on linen___$590 for Passing America: The Great Plains
A few months ago I posted (and sold) the little study for this one. IT is a scene I saw and photographed on our farm a few years ago, and I have seen it played out over and over again at farms all across the plains. The little birds have HUGE tempers when they feel that their territory is being threatened. No matter how big the enemy, these small mocking birds feel no fear when protecting their own!
The Rockport Art Festival was a great show, and my work won an award for best in media: PAINTING...So, now I get to go back next year!


Susan Roux said...

Very nice painting! Congrats. I like the feeling of airiness and the atmospheric quality you captured.

Rolina said...

A lovely sense of movement on the wings!

Sarah said...

lovely painting!