Thursday, June 30, 2011

Harbor Life

Harbor Life__20 x 60 oil on linen___For Rockport Art Festival this weekend (click to enlarge)
I posted "state one" of this large work a few months ago. Click to see the first version, but you will be hard pressed to see any big changes. I just added a few nondescript birds... I have been saving it to show at the Rockport Art Festival, in Rockport Texas this weekend. Of course, I like to show my blog friends my works FIRST, and to give you the chance to purchase it first, too. SO, if you need a BIG BIG piece of art let me know quick, because I will show this one as my "flagship" piece over the weekend....I hope to see you there! It looks a LOT BETTER in "real life!
Speaking of "life", I thought you 'd like to see our little "Johnson" who is now our BIG BOY, since the Good Dane Romeo passed away a few weeks ago....Romeo used to put a ball like this under his tongue!...check out the ear!


Douglas Clark said...

I love the boats. Wish you the best of luck at Rockport, and congratulations on the new puppy.

Johanne Morin said...

I love the composition and the light on those boats. ... and how cute is that puppy!

Susan Hediger-Matteson said...

That's a beautiful painting V. I wish I could seen it in person.

"Johnson" is a cutie!