Monday, June 06, 2011

While the Sun Shines___12 x 12 oil on Gallery Wrap canvas___for Passing America (and "on the way")

This painting actually "lines up" to make a nice grouping with the painting I posted the other day, called
"On The Way"...if you get my e-mail, I attached them side by side for the group to see...
Both these paintings are inspired by our old farm..that's Nancy driving the tractor...She was the FARMER on our farm for the last 10-15 years we were IMPRESSIVE woman, and my husband's aunt. She trains horses, rides rodeos (was in the NFR in the mid 1980's), and LOVES THE LAND...Nancy doesn't know it, yet, but she will be in a number of these larger works I am preparing for my solo museum show in October (Great Plains Art Museum)....I will pick the best one for her and make a nice canvas print for her house :)
If you have been itching, it might be the summer no see-ums, but I bet it is that you are itching to paint! Come to a workshop! Mine are short, and intense and LOTS of fun...see below

*** SUMMER PAINTING WORKSHOPS...we have room for just a few more!
June 13-15 2011
Fredericksburg Artists School
Plein Air Color – Capturing the Impression Quickly ...or Painting and Sketching, Every Day (…and what to do with all those field studies!) for info and to register...hurry, it's almost full!

June 18- A one-day workshop, Smithville, TX... GREAT for beginners or "rusty" artists. Learn how to manage oil paints and the basics of painting quickly and impressionistically.

Oct 8-10
Workshop at Bone Creek, David City, NE conjunction with the opening of my solo show

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Dee Day said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for such a beautiful piece for our upcoming exhibit! Please tell me you used a small brush for all of those details! If you used the same brush throughout, then I'm truly impressed.